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Groups, pages, stories, smartphone app, streams, news and more permeate the headquarters from #EpicPlay
Want to acquire and share knowledge following distinctive topics? Or just have a good laugh with one of your favorite influencers?

Without reach restrictions, publish your content and cover expressive and real numbers concerning to your followers.

New social network

Smart timeline with relevant publications, without restriction on what is followed.

Market for users to let go of used items and negotiate new ones.

Method for raise funds for projects, donations to causes and more.

Intelligent and fast system that searches for content and people with common interests.

Publications of articles in blogs set for the entire network.

Express what you are feeling in as many different ways as possible.

List of freelancer services or steady jobs that may be of your interest.

Hubs with information and publications about your favorite services and franchises.

Ecosystem with pages, groups, forums and more between members and organizations.

Calendar with relevant online and offline events.

Private and group chats with audio, gifs, videos, files, without the need for third party applications.

Personalized notifications about topics and people.

"Night mode", newtwork translation for several languages and other settings.

Spread what you need in a network with huge differentials in relation to the market.

Possibility to inspire yourself in various ways available.

Share moments and knowledge with the entire network and with your followers.

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