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What we do?

Solutions with an “Unique” Sophistication

On Epic Play, ideas are developed with the aim of maximizing awareness and the use of services or brands. There is a lot of preparation regardless of the service, with the experience of achievements coming from different origins.

Jean Felipe, founder, since 2006 have been transmitting ideas and producing services involving media acquisition, consulting, event management (large-scale), web development (UX, graphic design, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and various CMS), SEO management, audiovisual editing, presenter for large-scale audiences, entrepreneurship, branding, community management, simultaneous project and team leadership, project risk identification, development of protection against such risks, content management and more regarding marketing and DEV. 

What is Epic Play?

Located in Sorocaba-SP, since mid-2012 various services have been offered, now covering the whole of Brazil and recently internationally, with experienced consultants involved in a highly effective communication strategy and meticulous production, such as our new social network.

Although our homepage is focused on the EPIC Play social network, we have the Epic Play: Partners service which, as the name already manifests, is focused on our partners and services provided for them.

With groups, pages, stories, marketplace, blog system, events and more, our “digital entertainment social network” is as complete as Facebook itself and we look forward to being able to show more of it to the public in the near future. If you need more information, you can check our homepage or contact us.

Convention Photos

List with more than 400 photos.

Epic Reach

  • It’s offered to our partners a high and definitive reach on thousands of websites and other media. Everything is always done based on research and alignment, involving our varied experiences in the market, and launching projects coated with the care required by internationally recognized companies;
  • Experienced with the Brazilian gamer community, we develop strategies and effective communication, achieving transcendent results with 2 large conventions (in 2014 and 2016) focusing on digital entertainment and Japanese culture, bringing influencers (public figures), thousands of visitors, having vehicle coverage such as G1 and Globo and partnerships such as UOL BoaCompra, UZ Games and Ongame;
  • Thousands of articles have been distributed since 2018 through our partners network optimizing brands with the best and most updated SEO techniques on the market;
  • In the conventions of 2014 and 2016 we held the largest on-site League of Legends tournament in the region, with an average of 46 teams in each edition totaling around 450 players;
  • Since 2006, we have managed services and influenced almost half a million Sonic the Hedgehog and SEGA fans.

Service References

Our Market is the Player

Brazil has the third largest player market in the world according to Marcelo Tavares, the organizer of Brasil Game Show (or BGS) which is already the largest LATAM game event and the 3rd largest in public in the world.

According to a survey conducted by the renowned Datafolha in 2020, about 4 out of 10 Brazilians (approximately 67 million people) usually play electronic games on some platform. And Brazil also produces: In 2017 and 2018 alone, more than 1,700 games were produced in the national territory, 43% of them for mobile devices. With an average of 400 developer studios officially registered in our country, almost 30% of them have customers outside the country.

The sports market itself in general leverages specifically e-sports (electronic sports) that help to promote other web services, such as streaming or sports betting, which we cover equally.

Contact Us

Want to know more? Relevant brands trust our partnership. Here, we believe there is always a next level to reach, always seeking new horizons. We focus only on epic results.

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